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I love these types, it so incredible what comes out of it, the music fit so well into to.
Some pretty good humour in there to.

Really cool good job! (i like how you added other charactors like maddness)

MACception responds:

"I'm glad you enjoyed this man, and saw the humour in it. Thanks for the review, and check out the other AFD's if you havent. ;D."

-Tripping Metal

Really GOOD!

Man, this is one of the best submissions, i love sub zero's!
You are awsome! Keep up the exellent work!

Bezo responds:

Heh, thanks. I am a barbershop quartet.


Amazing piece of art you have here, you put in so much time into this.
For me i hate clocks, but people vote low because it was a clock movie.
Who cares this great, people should not review and blam it for being a clock movie!

G job

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Best Game ever

Though it is not that original, i can see you put thought into it

"klunk doesn't have any friends :("
that was hilarius!

Exellent Job!


That was ALOT better, then the last one.

THis can become amazing if you used the same style as the sonic creator, you know? and also the color variety.

Exellent JOB!

Not bad

The bodies is the only thing i didn't like and the heads, though not bad overall, to make a 10 you need to fix those and have more things (like blood or special equipment)

PSPClock responds:


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That was good :)

Especially for the equipment you have right now, it's really good :)
Reminds me of the mid 90's punk, and that's saying something because for me that's when punk was at it's best. So keep up the good work :)

Ndred96 responds:

Thank You! im going to record this again in hopes of making it better and have better quality and i might add some lyrics i just dont know what it should be about lol

That was really great

I understand about the style your going. Personally i don't like the heavier stuff, but that really shouldn't reflect my opinion on the great work you did on this.

The recording is amazing, i'm sure i believe you have a band, it sounds like a fuck load of work into this. I can't even find a band, doing solo on my end.

The tune is great, catchy fast and fits with key your going. The only thing i would say is the vocals sound a bit wierd at times. I'm guessin it's part of the effect your going for, or it could be you guys used auto tune. Either way it sounds great, just sometimes that distracts me a bit, from the song.

The bridge is REALLY good. Acoustic bridges either makes or breaks, because their to common, but yours really works well because of your voice and tune you did for that part.
One last thing though, the very ending it feels like it needs one more note to finish off, aha. But that's me being a nit picking fuck.

All in all that was sheer amazing, wouldn't be suprised if this and your other song got on the radio and more.
Also if you have the time, just wondering if you guys got into a studio. Or it was equipment you bought?

Great work :)

aLMiGHTyBuDDaH responds:

thanks man! always feels good to hear someone else appreciates your work. i did this myself at home with sonar 7 and an ass load of plugins. yeah i used auto tune and it gets to the point where you're trying to get your voice to the next note and the process makes the tuner jump. so towards the tale end there i just said fuck it and stopped trying to fix it.

Not to bad

Started out pretty promising, i liked the beginning. Especially the drums.
But the melody as you said didnt fit and felt wierd aha.
But change the melody a bit and it would sound great.

Scrototype responds:

Thanks for your review!

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